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Terms and conditions

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General Conditions Paula Christensen Ecotours


1.- Acceptance and bookings

To make a reservation with Paula Christensen Ecotours, you could make it through its website www.paula-christensen-ecotours.com accepting Terms and Conditions at the moment you confirm your reservation; or you can send an e-mail to Paula Christensen Ecotours writing to paulach@mallincolorado.cl Now and in the future we will offer the possibility to make reservations through our social network on internet. Every passenger should accept the hereby set General Conditions to travel with Paula Christensen Ecotours EIRL.

2.- “Back to basic” politics

The Carretera Austral is a different destination from the other destinations in Chile. It runs from Puerto Montt until Villa O´Higgins not less than 1000 kms through a varied and rich landscape, where the human presence, scarce and recent, is barely noticeable.  In a rough climate area, nature, imposing and virgin, is the big attraction of the destination; but the journey is always an adventure because that fine line of civilization, eventhough it offers a reasonable grade of security, it still keeps the epic sence, the amazement in front of the environment, the kindness and solidarity among Chilean Patagonia inhabitants and those who visit it. Summing up, it offers the charm of “back to basic”, of the joy of challenge every day, of the certainty of being the main character in an unforgettable experience.

This geographical reality is very important when you consider travelling with Paula Christensen Ecotours. We do have 20 years of experience organizing trips to Carretera Austral and we know the big and small details in which a perfect trip to this area depends, nevertheless you should accept the possibility of imponderables.

3.-  Liabilities of the passengers

Travel documents:  The traveler is responsible to bring all the necessary documents for its trip, for example, valid passport, visa, medical insurance, etc. as well as contacting the correspondent offices (embassy, consulate)  to verify all the information needed to enter Chile.

Arrival in Aysen region:  The traveler is responsible to arrive in Aysen region, to the point where our services begin. You can get here either taking a flight, driving or in a ferry boat, cruise, etc. indication to the tour operator your arrival point at the moment of making a reservation.

Respect for the environment:  The traveler should respect the rules and laws of the local place, as well as the environment of each visited area during the tour. Certain National Parks have their own regulations, so it is important that the traveler asks first with its guide before doing any alteration in the landscape or before taking pictures of the local population.  It is forbidden and punished to throw any kind of garbage in Carretera Austral, in forests or lakes, eventhough when in isolated places, you have the feeling of “nobody looks at” or “it doesn´t matter”.  In a special way, it is strictly  forbidden to light a fire without the required control and throw cigarettes away, since the danger of making a fire is latent. As a principle, Paula Christensen Ecotours loves and respect nature in its purest state of conservation.

A different reality:  All Paula Christensen Ecotours packages occur in remote places, where life standards, habits and ways of life, facilities, services and lodgings are different to what we are used to find in our own cities.  The passenger is the exclusive responsible to choose the right program for himself according to its personal interests, aptitudes,  health and physical condition. Paula Christensen Ecotours is available to inform about the necessary details for every trip.

Equipment:  The traveler should consider to bring the adequate equipment for the chose package. If the traveler requires, we can indicate him a more detailed information about which clothes, shoes, jackets bring to the trip.

The travel guide: The traveler must respect any rule, indication, instruction indicated by our guide, as well as communicate to our staff, before the beginning of the trip, or to our guide during the trip, of any wish, need and difficulty he could have. Most of the time, our guide is the only person who can really help you during the trip.

4.- Responsabilities

Force majeure:  Paula Christensen Ecotours is neither  responsible for any loss, delay, inconvenience, personal damage related to the arrival trip either by plane, ship or car, nor If those inconveniences are caused by force majeure, sickness or strikes.

Travel insurance: Our programs do not include travel insurance. We highly recommend to buy a medical and travel insurance in your own country. If the traveler wants, we can hire a travel insurance for him, charging the extra costs to his program.

Personal reasons changes:  If during the trip, the traveler asks to change the itinerary because of personal reasons, Paula Christensen Ecotours will attend its requirement and will try to satisfy all its needs. Nevertheless, any extra cost because of this modification, will be charged directly to the traveler without any right to reimbursement for the services and activities before booked and not used. Clients who voluntarily deny to use the services included in the program, have no right to ask a reimbursement for the services not taken voluntarily.

Necessary trip modifications: Paula Christensen Ecotours has the right to modify or change any activity, excursion, itinerary or program when the tour operator consideres it necessary for a better organization of the tour, because of security reasons or directly in benefit of the passengers.

Bad behavior: Paula Christensen Ecotours is not responsible by no means for accident, death or damage caused by uncareful behavior of the passenger. We include outdoor activities in our programs with physical demands, involving certain levels of risk that are out of our area of control. Likewise, during the itinerary, Paula Christensen Ecotours can send out any members of the group if it is considered risky for his health, if he has committed an illegal act or even if its behavior is damaging security, entertainment and comfort of the group.

A second chance:  If Paula Christensen Ecotours is forced to cancel a tour by force majeur, weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, etc,  it will not return the money back, but will consider it as a prepayment for another trip when the traveler wishes and when we could confirm availability.  In case there is a problem with the booked program, Paula Christensen Ecotours will notify as soon as possible and will offer the traveler an alterntive program. If the passenger doesn´t agree with the offered alternative, any already paid money will not be reimbursed, staying available for a future trip.

Change politics: Paula Christensen Ecotours has the right to modify any booking procedure, terms and conditions, prices of programs (money exchange) at any moment and without previous notice.

Weather conditions: Weather conditions in Patagonia are unpredictable. Paula Christensen Ecotours is responsible to redesign the itinerary and program in order to make all excursions offered in the tour, if weather conditions are not the right one to fulfill the original itinerary of the trip.

Health conditions: Paula Christensen Ecotours programs are available to any person en good health and physical shape, demanding some of them a higher level of requirements than others.  The traveler must check specifications of every program to determine if it is adequate or not for himself. It is the traveler responsibility to make sure Paula Christensen Ecotours knows, at moment of reservation, any medical problem or any specific dietary indication. Because of law, pregnant women cannot travel Carretera Austral after 7 months pregnancy.

Copyright: Paula Christensen Ecotours has the right to take pictures or film during any of its circuits, ask for comments to travelers and use them for further marketing and commercial isues.


5.- Price politics

Published prices are prices per adult based on double room.

Kids between 2 and 12 pay 50% of total price. Kids under 2 years old travel for free.

Passengers travelling in a single basis have another tariff, please enquiry by e-mail.

6.- Forms of payment

Via website www.paula-christensen-ecotours.com with credit card, through Trekksoft A G

Via Pay pal indicating sender: paulach@mallincolorado.cl

Via bank deposit in Chilean Pesos to our bank account.

7.- Cancellations

 To confirm a booking of any program with Paula Christensen Ecotours, we ask you a prepayment of 50% of the total price per passenger.

The full amount should be paid 60 days prior to arrival.

Total or partial cancellations have a cost for administrative isues, plus costs charged by service providers, in particular cases.

Cancellations made before 60 days prior to arrival, will reimburse to the passengers the 50% of the amount prepaid.
Cancellations made between 60 and 30 days prior to arrival, it is not necessary to pay 100% of the amount.
Cancellations made after 30 days prior to arrival, will reimburse 20% of the total amount paid.
In case of sickness, we will reimburse 100% of the total amount paid with a medical certification, considering costs charged by our providers.
In case of cancellation once tour has begun, THERE IS NO REIMBURSEMENT OF MONEY.
For sales maid per e-mail or through the website www.paula-christensen-ecotours.com it doesn´t apply the right to retract established by law 19.496 for buyings made through electronic means or long distance communication.